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EAN/ISBN13: 978 0 9563544 3 3
Format: B-Format Paperback
Extent: 544pp
RRP (UK): £12.99
Publication Date: 2022-09-22

Classification: Contemporary Fiction
Readership: Adult General
Language: English
Rights: World

Size: 198 x 129 x 38.04mm
Weight: 585gm
BIC (version 2): FA
BISAC (2010): FIC 000000

Tales of Daphne

A Greek myth, retold. Tales of Daphne, lost and found in the margins of Thatcher’s Britain, where dance fever, rave culture, and occult philosophies are spreading like wildfire…

Hal’s love life is on pause again. He goes on walking holidays. He falls in love. And with explorers it’s so frustrating. They all go off. Like Laura – she’s going to India for six months and they’ve only just met. But she’s bound to return to Fotheringham. Her house is here, not far from Hal’s flat.

Meanwhile, Hal must pursue his mission – he’s designing a computer program that’ll write stories on demand. Then there’s Wayne and Sharon, who’ve moved into the flat upstairs. They’ve invited Hal to join the crowd who’ll be dancing all night to the sound of house music.

But there’s something odd about Wayne. It’s as if there's a competition between them. When Hal dances more often, Wayne does too – and Wayne must dance that extra bit. After Laura’s return to Fotheringham, Hal decides to slow down. Yet Wayne doesn’t slow down. Wayne can’t stop dancing, and he says he’s controlled by Saturn. Then, as Hal and Laura renew their friendship, Wayne unleashes his dark forces…

An epic tale of chance encounters, quests for enlightenment, the call of Pan and the arrows of Eros. Walking and dancing in the Garden of Eden. Followed by a quick exit. Set in England and Wales in the early 90s, featuring a host of walkers and dancers, and a house of oddballs and creatives.

Preview of the Contents

A Tale of Three Daphnes, The House of Stories, Hayley, Figures in a Landscape

Stone Circle Raga
The Spiral, Faerie, The Bluestones, Gwaun, The Arrangement, A Lover’s Discourse, The Departure

Deep House
Stars and Jugglers, The Harmony of the Spheres, The House of Perpetual Motion, Heaven, Wayne’s World

Bowel Movement in E-Flat Major
Limestone Pavements, The Return, The Dance of the Neurons, Black Holes, The Waterfall, The Spiral, The Party, The Contest, Satanic Verses

The Writing on the Wall, The Virus, A Tale of Llugh and Krishna


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On Daphne

“Storytelling with great skill” Wayne Burrows
“A compelling tale of love and obsession” Angelina Anton

On the Author’s Previous Work

“Unique fiction” Billy Clark
“Most entertaining” Alan Mahar
“Thoroughly enjoyable” Peter Guttridge
“High-quality fiction” Hazel Cushion

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