Anthony Bloor – The Big Wheel

Anthony Bloor - The Big Wheel

Product Details

EAN/ISBN13: 978 0 9563544 0 2
Format: B-Format Paperback
Extent: 256pp
RRP (UK): £8.99
Published: 2010-05-28
Availability: Limited Edition

Classification: Contemporary Fiction
Readership: Adult General
Language: English
Rights: World

Size: 198 x 129 x 18mm
Weight: 313gm
BIC (version 2): FA
BISAC (2009): FIC 052000


A John Buchan adventure post-modernised, set in the UK.

It’s 1999 and the authorities are preparing to celebrate a new year, a new millennium, and The Arrival of Better Things. Meanwhile, somewhere in Wales, Tom Jones listens to the ramblings of a drunken Dai Lewis. Is there any truth in Dai’s story of a Welsh sect, who are planning an armed uprising for the night of the big party? And what of his tales of the millennium bug? Is there more to this than the geekish possibility that computer systems will fail to recognise the year 2000?

Tom Jones is persuaded on both counts and he offers a refuge to a man in fear for his life. Then, when Dai Lewis is murdered, Tom is forced to flee for his own safety. Pursued by both police and killers, and leaving behind him a trail of corpses, Tom discovers a conspiracy that’s far more sinister than the gist of Dai’s story. The government’s advisers are implicated in it, no less. But who is going to believe him?


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Comments and Reviews

“A Hitchcockian shocker with a satirical edge for the virtual age; a twisted, knowing version of The Thirty-Nine Steps, relocated to Wales on the eve of millennium madness; and a conspiracy thriller which puts the world we think we live in into the blender. What emerges is a vision that’s dementedly, entertainingly all too plausible”
Michael Eaton, screenwriter (Shipman, Shoot to Kill, Why Lockerbie?)

“Thoroughly enjoyable” Peter Guttridge, crime critic for The Observer
“High-quality fiction” Hazel Cushion, Accent Press
“Fluent and intelligent writing” Jon Thurley, literary agent
“Most entertaining” Alan Mahar, Tindal Street Press

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