Our publishing plans are formulated three years in advance and authors seeking a publisher are advised to look elsewhere. We do not have the resources to consider unsolicited manuscripts or to respond swiftly to proposals. Our advice to aspiring authors is to study the market before sending out anything. Know who publishes what, and target your proposals to someone who might be interested.

Are there contemporary writers who particularly inspire or entertain you? Does your work share any similarities with theirs? Find out who their agent is, who their editor is, and send them a convincing argument as to why they should read your manuscript. Persevere, and you might receive some useful feedback.

A good source of clues is the resource set up by Gerard Jones, ‘Everyone Who’s Anyone in Publishing.’ Check out the writers’ zone on the Writers & Artists website, managed by Bloomsbury. In addition, the website of the Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers of America is full of information relevant to all kinds of writing.

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Everyone Who’s Anyone in Publishing, a resource set up by Gerard Jones:

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